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Daily Discounts on Android and iPhone Apps

(Jacksonville, FL) Android and iPhone customers now have a new way to save money and discover great apps. Smartphones Technologies launched SmartApps Deal of the Day, a new service that features special discounts on Android and iPhone apps every day. Customers who want daily deals on apps can get SmartApps Deal of the Day app on the iTunes App Store or Android Market, go to “SmartAppsDeals” on Facebook or Twitter, or visit

“There are so many apps available now that it’s hard for customers to find the really great ones,” said Mike Merrill, CEO of Smartphones Technologies. “SmartApps Deal of the Day gives customers big savings on fantastic apps, so both customers and developers win.”

SmartApps carefully evaluates each app submitted, making sure customers will be satisfied with the quality of their purchase so they’ll want to share the app with their friends.

Some apps to be featured in SmartApps Deal of the Day include: Start-up Checklist (EO Venture Partners), FaceFighter Gold (Appy Entertainment), Pregame (Patrick Woodard), Mobitee (Mobitee), UberRace3D-Sandstorm(MadProcessor Games), Trip Journal (iQapps) and Kettlebell Fitness (Vook).

SmartApps Deal of the Day

“As developers, we understand the time, effort and money it takes to produce a high quality app,” said Merrill. “We also know how frustrating it is to have your app lost in a crowded marketplace. SmartApps helps developers get their apps discovered.”

"The SmartApps team is working hard to address one of the biggest issues facing developers in the Android market today -- app discoverability,” said Paul O'Connor, Brand Director of Appy Entertainment. “We look forward to partnering with SmartApps Deal of the Day to improve the visibility of FaceFighter and our upcoming games on the Android platform."

“Mobile apps have become a league of their own these days, with hundreds of thousands apps on various stores,” said Valentin Vesa, Community Manager for iQapps, developer of the award-winning Trip Journal app. “This is why we will always welcome anything that focuses on selecting the best apps for specific needs and user types, and this is what SmartApps will do. Finding the best app suited for one’s specific needs and budget is an asset any user will strongly appreciate.”

Developers can submit their apps for consideration now. SmartApps is waiving the developer fee initially, so there is no cost for developers to participate at this time. Furthermore, developers may select the discount they’d like to offer and the duration of the deal.

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