Smart Apps

We build smart apps that are constantly updated with dynamic content, including news stories, sports scores, videos, blogs and Twitter feeds. Our proprietary SmartApp Platform Engine dynamically delivers content updates across a broad array of apps, so customers never see the same thing twice. Our apps also take advantage of Social Media, allowing customers to share content on Facebook or Twitter without ever leaving the app. Anybody can build an app. We build Smart Apps.

Smart Widgets

We believe widgets are the new apps, delivering bite sized updates and information without ever opening an app. For example, our College Clock Widgets let fans replace their standard clock on their phone with a custom clock featuring their favorite team’s logo and colors. We’ve taken it a step further, adding a drop down ticker that displays real time scores when games are in progress. We can create custom widgets for any brand, and include any type of dynamic content ranging from news stories to special offers to Twitter feeds.

Smart Content

Ringtones and wallpapers were hot a few years ago, but today they’re yesterday’s news. With the advanced multimedia capabilities of new Smartphones, customers are looking for something more exciting. We’re happy to deliver Smart Content, which we consider the next generation of Mobile Content. Instead of static wallpaper, we’re building custom interactive themes that offer a deep level of customization as you navigate throughout the phone’s menu. We’re also creating custom Live Wallpaper for Android devices, giving customers a cool animated backgrounds and rotating 3D logos.